Lil Wayne Album Release Party


CIL announced on Wednesday that Lil Wayne would be playing a CD release party at Levels in Carbondale. One would think that such a big name would bring a lot of publicity with it, not so. ┬áMost the the comments that I read seem to be just the opposite. They were a mix of Lil Wayne must be past his prime if he’s coming to Carbondale along with quite a few posts of disbelief that this show is actually happening. It was even joked that Lil Wayne’s booking agent mistakenly scheduled his show in Carbondale, Illinois instead of Carbondale, Colorado, which would be more fitting since the concert is scheduled for 4/20.

I personally suggest that if you plan on attending the show, you bring a bullet proof vest along with you. I used to work at Cali’s/Levels and it was a known fact that several employees didn’t feel safe there on a regular night, let alone on a night like this.

General Admission tickets are available at Saluki Bar for $50 or if you’re feeling special, you can purchase VIP tickets for $125.