Overly Dramatic Clarification

I was informed that some comments that I made this week on the Soberly Intoxicated Twitter account regarding the Lil Wayne performance hurt the feeling of Levels top dog, Greg Knoob. Well, too bad.  The truth hurts doesn’t it?

As a matter of fact, I stand by all the statements I’ve made regarding Greg Knoob and his chain of bars. For those who don’t know, Knoob owns Levels, Saluki Bar and Stix.

Most of what was said on Twitter was said in a joking manner.  Our audience and I joked around that Lil Wayne got lost on his way to the show, hence his tardiness for the show. But during this period, I also made one very valid observation, that Lil Wayne’s show would only go for 4-5 songs max.

If you don’t believe me, feel free to check the Soberly Intoxicated Twitter account.

What’s rather amusing is that the observation was right on the money, which is what I believe upset Knoob so much that he took to Facebook to berate myself and Soberly Intoxicated. But this is a free country, so he basically say whatever he wants about it, within reason of course.

Do these statement bother me? Not really. Knoob hasn’t changed his tactic a bit since I worked for him.  He’s always going to be the victim that has done nothing wrong.  There’s nothing you or I can do to change that, so we might as well get used to it.

I will say that I don’t have anything personal against his employees. I understand that Knoob only tells you his side of the story and you are pretty much forced to regurgitate it whether you believe it or not. His management would do the same thing to me when I worked there, the only difference was that he was preaching about Pinch.

I will admit that I turned in one of their statuses about me to Facebook citing harassment.  Did I do this because I was offended? No. I just did it because I could. Yes, I admit to being a jerk sometimes.

This is all I’m going to say on the subject. I’ve made a promise to always be upfront with my audience and I will continue to keep it as long as Soberly Intoxicated is in business.

No matter what transpires between Knoob and I, nothing will impact the accuracy and listings on the Soberly Intoxicated website.

Other Random News

We have received questions about some of the articles that we shared on our Facebook account, mainly why do we continue to post content that isn’t drinking related.  The answer to this is that we are widening our market and branching out from “drinking only” content.

We have a strong 18-30 demographic and are making a conscious effort to share information that they would be interested in. Whether it be pop-culture, business related or some other piece of information that comes across the news wire.

Our website will also see some new changes in the future, but rest assured it will not change the purpose of our website. We will merely be adding new sections in addition to those that we already offer.

Dos De Mayo 

Soberly Intoxicated will once again be working with Pinch Penny Pub on Saturday, May 2 for a big Dos De Mayo Bash featuring the one and only Wedding Banned.  Stay tunes to Soberly Intoxicated’s website for full details as they become available.

If you have any questions, comments or observations that you would like to share, feel free to contact us on the Soberly Intoxicated Facebook fan page or on Twitter.