Shattered Perception

Over the years of running Soberly Intoxicated, I’ve noticed a common misconception whenever it came to my brand. Due to the subject matter that we specialize in, people feel that I’m either a college dropout that couldn’t make it in the “real world” or someone that never really grew up a.k.a. some type of college man-child. I’m here to tell you that both couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Before I started Soberly Intoxicated, I was an active member of the news media, working in radio, television and print before eventually creating what would later become Soberly Intoxicated.  It was while working in television that I decided that I wanted to try something different on the side, something I hadn’t really seen before.

So I took what I knew and was learning from the media and combined it with my natural promotion abilities and SI Drunks a.k.a. Soberly Intoxicated was born.  The brand was officially created in the summer of 2007 as nothing more than a Myspace account (idea stage) and later grew into a full fledged brand in late 2007/early 2008.

What you see on the blog and the social media accounts are in essence my personality. I’m the person that always seems to be in the middle of everything, whether it be partying at concerts, networking at business events, traveling around the US for festivals or taking a random road trip for the heck of it.

When I worked in the media my focus was primarily promotions/marketing and entertainment news. To be honest, I’ve interviewed so many national bands and celebrities that I”ve lost count. I could tell you who my first interview and my most recent ones were, but outside of that it’s very hit and miss.  The same could be said for concerts that I’ve attended.

This was a surreal position that I continue to this very day. The only difference is that I have more duties to fulfill and a different approach to handling them. Another big part of my job previously was reviewing media, whether it be screeners of movies or review copies of new CDs. Yes, I was one of the people who had a Lady Gaga CD before most people even knew who she was, thanks in part to the kind folks at Interscope and their wonderful media mailing list.

If you’ve never worked in entertainment media, let me tell you; the pay sucks but the benefits are great. I would get so many DVDs, CDs and video games sent to me for review that I didn’t event have to want for anything.  I’m a big media collector by the way, so it wasn’t unreasonably for me to constantly be buying new music or movies, so that kind of puts things in perspective. There were times that mail deliveries mirrored Christmas Day almost.

That’s to say, I by no means was unhappy or looking for an escape when I created Soberly Intoxicated.  I was merely looking to bring something different to the table, and after 7 years of being in business that vision is still coming to fruition.

To address the elephant in the room from the opening paragraph, the entire Soberly Intoxicated staff is a group of well educated individuals. I, myself, have two bachelor of science degrees, one in Mass Communications and one in Speech Communication.  Our webmaster comes from a technology heavy background; the head of promotions is currently a degree in Computer Science and my marketing assistant is a junior studying Pre-Med.

Outside of planning our own events, we also work with businesses in the areas of promotion, social media marketing, traditional marketing, PR and event planning.

Soberly Intoxicated is a side project for me and that’s what it was always meant to be. However, the amount of time and energy put into it are not limited because of its classification. I personally see S.I. as a group effort, as it wouldn’t have succeed the way it has without our staff’s hard work and more importantly without your support. For that I personally thank each and every one of you who’ve ever checked out our site, bought our merch, followed us on social media or attended our events.

The future of Soberly Intoxicated is a bright one, I look forward to sharing it with each and every one of you.